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I need a program which will recursively scan a directory and tell me all of the distinct filetypes that are inside the folder

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Windows, MacOS or Linux? GUI or CLI? – Bobby Jan 14 '10 at 16:15
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You can set WinDirStat to look at a specific folder and it will sum up the file-types

And you can even create a report, which you could parse if you need it for something specific

alt text

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You don't mention what OS you use but in BSD, Linux or other POSIX systems i'd use the file(1) command.

A simple file dir/* will do the trick.

Oh and to recursively scan a directory you can do this find dir -type f -exec file {} \;.

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If you're using Windows Vista or 7 and you don't want to install a third party software solution, this can also be accomplished using PowerShell:

Get-ChildItem C:\Windows\System32 | Select-Object Extension | Sort-Object -CaseSensitive Extension | Get-Unique -AsString
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