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Is there a way to force images and executables to automatically download into separate folders in Firefox?

I found this extension, but it doesn't work when I right-click-->save image as

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Try DownThemAll.

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Several months later, I found an even better solution.

  1. Install the Shelve firefox addon
  2. Add a new shelf (tools -> addons -> Shelve -> options -> new). Edit the shelf, and set the "Filename Template" to the folder you want to save your images to, appended with %{hostbasename}\%{filename}. For instance, mine is
  3. In the auto-save tab, under "Save a document to this shelf if the URL matches this RegExp", set it to .*(jpg|jpeg|png|gif|bmp|tif|tiff|exif)
  4. Any time you want to save an image, just right-click it and choose "Shelve image" (and for links: "Shelve link"). It will automatically get saved and sorted by domain name, without so much as an annoying confirmation dialog!
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I've always used Download Sort.

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