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I have to frequently visit a webpage that contains a table with thousands of lines. The first row contains the names of the columns. Many of the columns are numerical values.

Once you scroll/page down, the first line is gone, and with it the headers.

Is there a way to horizontally split a Firefox/Explorer window, so that in the upper part you keep the first row with the columns' names, and you scroll up/down the lower window?

I don't have control over the design of the website.


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You could try the Split Browser addon.

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I installed the add-on, tried it, and does exactly what I need and more. You can easily slide the (thin) dividing line up/down, or left/right if you choose to partition the screen vertically. Nice add-on! Thanks. – user2897 Jul 20 '09 at 22:58
Unfortunately no longer maintained and not compatible with latest versions of Firefox. – Heptite Jan 29 at 4:49

If you have any experience with Javascript you could write a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox that pops the header row into a static (non-scrolling) area (div) on the screen.

You would need to get enough identifying information about the header row to be able to select it using Javascript - you could use the Firebug extension to do this.

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Thanks for the pointer to GreaseMonkey. In this instance the SplitBrowser add-on does what I need, but good to know about GreaseMonkey for more unique customizations. – user2897 Jul 20 '09 at 23:06

I'm not familiar with the windowing options of Firefox and IE, but I know how you could do this in Opera. I assume that similar capabilities are available in Firefox.

You could open the document in two separate tabs and then go to Window -> Arrange -> Tile Horizontally

Then, use the bottom window to scroll independently of the other.

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Thanks for the info Chris. Sounds like Opera by default provides the feature that in Firefox you have to add via the Split-Browser add-on. – user2897 Jul 20 '09 at 23:02
Most people don't realize that there's a right-click menu on the tabs in Opera that gives you some wonderful tricks. – staticsan Jul 20 '09 at 23:08

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