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I would like to ask you some efficient ways to write blog post with the screen shots from a Mac laptop.

In Windows, I would do something like: create a new page in OneNote, start to write the entry, use the clip function to take screenshot every time I need to, after finish editing, I would simply ask OneNote to connect to my blog account at: or And it will automatically upload all text along with all the screenshots as image for me, I don't need to go to a third party site to upload all the images.

How do you reach the same goal in Snow Leopard. (I did not purchase any additional package from Apple, I heard of iWork or something like that, but I want to first try with a free tool.)

Some one could give me advice ;)

Thank you in advance

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Not free, and I've never used it, but MarsEdit looks cool.


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I use MarsEdit and heartily recommend it. Easily worth the $30. – Paul Lefebvre Jan 22 '10 at 18:00

You can take screenshots on Mac OS X (see Question 16613) and drag and drop them into a blog editor such as MarsEdit (as mentioned by fideli and my preferred blog editor), ecto.

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