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AutoGK is so far a good tool for converting video clips in DVD-R disc into .avi to post to YouTube.

But I captured some Wii game play, and it is 16 : 9 ratio, but AutoGK only output the .avi in 4 : 3 ratio. Is there actually a way to tweak it to output the avi as 16 : 9?

Otherwise, I need to run VirtualDub and download DivX codec to run it again to resize it 16 : 9.

Any way this is done, or any other recommendations? thanks for helping.

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Why don't you try this with TMPGEnc and convert it to 16:9

Here are some guides:

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May I suggest you switch to meGUI

AutoGK has not been updated in a very long time now. I switched to meGUI quite some time ago - it does everything AutoGK did and more and is actively developed.

It has many options for handling aspect ratios.

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