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I tried to move my "My Documents" folder to the E drive and now i have several "my pictures" folders with all identical folders/files in the "C" drive

Now also where i copied them into on the e drive they wont let me save into the folders and says cannot copy to this folder do i want to save it to picture folder ?

I have tried all the shareing and security options with no sucess,

wish i had xp again


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The Vista "My Documents" folder is a "special" folder rather than a normal folder. Here's an article describing how to move them via the "Location" tab on the folder properties:

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The My Picture folder would have it's own location, so you don't have to relocate the My Documents to relocate the My Pictrues. – Scott McClenning Jan 16 '10 at 21:31

There's also an article from Paul Thurrott which talks about these folders.

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FYI the description of DFS in the article is incorrect. DFS is a load balancing technology to make one folder shared across many servers. Not a way to have many folders across servers act as one contiguous space, as the article says. – Scott McClenning Jan 16 '10 at 21:38

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