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In the last two days I've suddenly started receiving the following error message: "Windows cannot find'C:\WINDOWS\sepsysplant.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again.To Search for a file, click the start."

It comes and goes with no apparent association with any running applications. I only have a bare minimum of programs installed as this is a work machine (XP Pro SP3) and the Symantec virus scan (today's definitions) were unable to find anything.

After a quick Google search I found 4 results all of which were asking the question or stating the existence of the file and the Yahoo search resulted with nothing.

Anyone know what's causing this a way of tracking down what it is?

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Sepsysplant is a part of the Symantec Endpoint Security. Most probably you've got it installed wrong. Just reinstall the Symantec AV, that should do the work.

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Thanks. I just upgraded the software and the issue went away. Thanks for the idea! – Stevoni Jan 20 '10 at 14:11
This error started happening to me one day after an update. – davenpcj Jul 13 '10 at 20:08

Start with Autoruns. It will list everything that is automatically started on system boot, login, and so on.

Rootkit Revealer is worth trying too.

If the error message appears constantly, the cause might be logged by ProcMon.

Finally, Microsoft Security Essentials might be a better antivirus than Symantec. (I completely lost trust in Norton and Symantec security software several years ago. Besides, what's better at fixing Windows than Micros~1 own products?)

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