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Best program to visualize file system usage on Windows?

I am looking for a tool that will tell me where my hard drive space is being used.

I used to use one called Scanner.exe (I think that was the name) that was written in Delphi. But I have lost it and can't find it again.

Does any one know of a good free windows tool that tells you were your hard drive space is being used. (Aside from selecting properties on a bunch of folders.)

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WinDirStat is rather nice. You can mouseover the boxed area and specifics are shown on the status bar at the bottom.

alt text

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SpaceMonger is a tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer. Each file or folder on a given drive is displayed in a box in the main window whose size is a relative comparison to all the other files in your system. The program supports popup info-tips that can display the full filename, the icon, the date, size, and attributes of any file or folder. You can delete files from the right click menu and customize the number of files to be shown as well as the color scheme.

alt text

Of course, if you're using Total Commander, you can always grab the free VisualDirSize plugin:

alt text

alt text

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One which has not been listed yet in this question or any of the others listed in the comments:

SpaceSniffer: dynamic vizualization of your disk space
(i.e. when you remove some large directories, you will see the occupied space of the disk re-organized accordingly)

enter image description here

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