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I trying capture video from DV camera into computer with firewire cable. When I select "Capture Video", and then check DV, "Sony Video Capture 6.0" pop-up this error:

The device 'Microsoft DV Camera and VCR' could not be opened


I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I tried many ways and they was not successful. Camera "Canon MV750i".

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I have the same problem with my FireWire-connected video camera being recognized by Sony Vegas and Video Capture. I'm not sure if it is a problem with my configuration but my FireWire devices don't automatically "plug-and-play" like my USB-connected devices.

My solution is to connect the FireWire camera and reboot my computer. Works every time.

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I had a similar problem and it was because I was plugging the cable into a front panel FireWire port. Plugged it into the FireWire port on the motherboard's back plate and it was recognised fine.

You could also try using WinDV to test your connection as well.

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