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I have the grasp of setting up multiple name-based domains on Apache 2 using virtual hosts. Say I have a domain name called ''. I now want to set up a sub domain of this, like '' and want this to go to a different folder on Apache to serve up a different website.

How would I set this up exactly? Do I need to set up a CNAME and then a virtual host in Apache? Or do I just setup a ServerAlias in Apache? I'm a little confused.

I'm using Slicehost for my hosting and DNS, if that helps. Using Ubuntu Hardy with Apache 2.

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The DNS and the server configuration are two different things. For the DNS you will either need a CNAME or an A record for your new subdomain so that it will resolve to the correct IP. The difference is that CNAMEs resolve to other hostnames while A records resolve to IPs. For example: CNAME -> A ->

Once the DNS is configured correctly you will then need to configure an Apache virtual host for the new subdomain. Check the documentation here:

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Thank you. I wasn't too clear on the differences between CNAME and A records. Also, I still thought it wasn't working, but all I had to do was wait for it to propagate. Have a good day Dave. – littlejim84 Jan 16 '10 at 12:27

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