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I develop web applications on Mac OSX in SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL and these are then put on the webserver. I want to be able to take the brunt out of looking at the terminal locally when dealing with these databases - is there any software available (free or otherwise) that can handle all three of these database technologies in a GUI for the Mac that is actually decent and worth it?

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Navicat is king, but does it do SQLite...I am not sure

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SQLite is the problem. Navicat premium will handle PostgreSQL and MySQL (as well as Oracle) but not SQLite - you would need a separate app for SQLite like Base - – Darren Newton Jan 17 '10 at 15:19

You could just use any SQL tool that can handle JDBC connections (such as any of the various Java SQL tools). All three DBMS have JDBC drivers.

See e.g.

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You can use RazorSQL.

I'm looking for something a bit better/cheaper than this, but haven't found it so far.

alt text

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You can use FREE tool - Valentina Studio, it works as with SQLite, so with postgreSQL and mySQL/mariaDB

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