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I had Vista installed on a partition and I installed Ubuntu on the remaining free space.

Now when I boot the computer the OS selection screen is GRUB. Ive used EasyBCD to configure my Vista boot loader. How do I get the computer to use the Vista boot loader when it boots instead of GRUB?

I need to do something in Ubuntu but not sure what!!

Advice appreciated, thanks.

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In EasyBCD, select Reinstall the Vista Bootloader then Write MBR. Then in Linux, follow the steps to add Linux to the Vista Bootloader. You need to install Linux onto a hidden bootsector as shown in that guide.

alt text

I'd suggest making a backup of the bootloader's settings first.

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+1 for EasyBCD - Brilliant tool! – William Hilsum Jan 16 '10 at 23:31

Here's a tutorial for you:

How to use Windows Vista’s Boot Manager to boot Linux

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Here's a set of instructions guiding you through exactly what you want on my blog:

When I boot the computer first, I have two options, nothing else:

Windows Vista Ubuntu 10.04

Optionally, you can set it up like mine. If I don't do anything for 5 seconds, Windows fires up.

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