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I've been trying to get my DrayTek ADSL router to connect using PPPoE to t-online here in Germany I called customer support and thought I'd gotten the information I needed. Unfortunately it still doesn't appear to work. Are there any t-online (Germany) customers that have configured their own routers and can give me some pointers.

To connect I need to enter a username and password I was told that the username should be in the format: Anschlusskennung (12 digit number) T-Online Nummer(12 digit number) Mitbenutzernummer (4 digit number) e.g

I have tried to connect with the username in this format but I get no connection I did notice that my email address (which I obviously don't use is) in the format: Which makes me think that I'm just missing some key formatting information. I'd appreciate any help here as I have a very good router sitting here gathering dust.

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You'll need three numbers: "Anschlusskennung" (always 12 digits), "Teilnehmernummer" (12 or less digits) and "Mitbenutzerkennung" (4 digits) and your password.

Example Data:

  • Anschlusskennung: 111111111111
  • Teilnehmernummer: 222222222222 (12 digits) or 33333333333 (11 digits)
  • Mitbenutzerkennung: 0001

Example 1 (Teilnehmernummer with 12 digits):

Example 2 (Teilnehmernummer with 11 digits):

Some routers have problems with the "#" sign so you can try this:

Example 2a (Teilnehmernummer with 11 digits):


If you are using "T-DSL Business" you'll only need the "Benutzerkennung" (12 digits, here 444444444444) and the format looks like this:

Example 3 (T-DSL Business):

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As I mention in my post my Teilnehmernummer is 12 digits and I entered the username in the same format as you have in Example 1 which makes me think that I must have the correct user name and password. I guess my problem is going to be discovering where the problem is if its not the username. – Mark Jan 17 '10 at 10:41

i found this, maybe you'll need the # sign:

Enter your PPPoE user name (default

and here:

"Anschlusskennung is a 12-digit number. "T-Online-Nr" is a number consisting of up to 12 digits. "Mitben.-Kennung" is usually "0001".

For example for an "Anschlusskennung" of "000123456789", a "T-Online-Nr" of "321111111111" and the primary user (Mitben.-Kennung "0001") the login name would be:

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I really thought you had the answer there, but I just tried it and it didn't work. Thanks for trying – Mark Jan 16 '10 at 19:21

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