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It is possible to find all the paths to a file with a given inode, in general, using find's -inum option. But this has awful performance for typical filesystems. What options are there to improve performance?

Are there filesystems with special support for this task? Are there updatedb-like utilities that index inodes?

The more general, the better the answer.

Postscript For more on requirements, see

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hey there is a similar question on SO, maybe that will help.

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debugfs -R "ncheck your_inode_num" /dev/sda
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Do you know how debugfs builds up its map of inodes to paths? (From what little I know about ext2fs, the inode table only tells you about the blocks used by and permissions/types of the inodes.) Is it possible to use debugfs with a mounted partition? – Charles Stewart Jun 24 '13 at 10:19

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