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I had installed XAMP a long time ago in my PC (Windows XP) but just yesterday when I tried accessing localhost, the page kept on loading and loading but giving no results. If I try to kill the process the page stops loading and informs me that it cannot locate the page.

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try to run xampp-portcheck.exe it's located in the xammp folder check if port 80 is opened and used by xamp.

Have you installed skype? Skype and xamp has port problems

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Skype will bind to port 80 by default. Turning off skype is a good idea if you need to run a webserver. – futureelite7 Jan 18 '10 at 7:42
i dont have skype with me and port 80(HTTP) and 443(HTTPS) runs with apache, – fallen_GURU_DOG Jan 18 '10 at 7:47

Is it running any kind of server-side code? It may be stuck in an infinite loop, or processing a lot of data. Does it eventually time out or give out-of-memory errors? These would be clues worth knowing about. Are you sure you're accessing the correct port? Are PHP, Apache and MySQL configured correctly?

Longer-shot: I've noticed some problems with the Keep-Alive header in some cases where pages would seem to load "forever" until refreshed. Killing this header has resolved a lot of things for me.

I'm sure others will have more insight into XAMP specifically, with which I have no experience.

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nop... whenever i start the server so that it can show the xamp main screen it refuses. their is no code running – fallen_GURU_DOG Jan 18 '10 at 7:29

Are you running the XAMPP control panel? Does it say that Apache is running?

Here is link to the XAMPP windows FAQ item for Apache not starting

The Skype conflict was what bit me in getting Apache to run. Easily fixed though . . . Go in Skype to Actions --> Options --> Connection --> remove the check mark at "use port 80 for an alternate port" and restart Skype

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apache is runnig as per the control – fallen_GURU_DOG Jan 18 '10 at 7:43
idont think if it is skype, cause i havnt installed it yet – fallen_GURU_DOG Jan 18 '10 at 7:50

While giving telnet command for localhost & local IP 80 port not working and connection failed in client PC. In the same pc I am able to connect outside server ( where our system's application server Orcale 11g is located) with telnt 80 port.

To reach the outside server I have to go through local IP. since the local IP is not connecting to the port 80 in telnet I am not able to access the server. but the same local IP works in other client PCs. I hope this is a local client issue.

Kindly guide what kind of components to be invoked to access port 80 in local client PC? what are all the Firewall, windows components settings & services is required?This client PC recovered recently from Crash & factory default settings was restored . The O/S is Vista. Before the system crash everything was fine.

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