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I am looking to rebuild an older system of mine which is past it's prime.

I intend to keep many of the existing components (hard drives, GPU, case, fans, etc) but I do intend to replace the motherboard, memory and CPU.

I understand a bit about overclocking a system, but I can't find a good reference on overclocking the newer i7 series of processors. I'm also not sure about which motherboard would best support overclocking the i7 series. I was also considering overclocking the memory used with the build, but I haven't found much in that space either.

I've had good results with Asus models in the past - but that doesn't necessarily mean anything now.

Any advice or resources about i7 overclocking, or particular builds would be helpful.


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I can't find a good reference on overclocking the newer i7 series of processors.

Here are some overclocking guides from reputable websites:


Ultimate Core i7 Overclocking Guide -- We Push Nehalem to its Limits

Tom's Hardware:

Editor's Corner: Overclocking Core i7

Overclocking Intel's Core i7 920


Intel Core i7-920 Overclocking Guide


Overclocking Core i7: A Tale of Two Retail Processors…

... and the nice folks at the forum gladly provide help and advice for anything overclocking.

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