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Sometimes I see an "Error on page" icon in the lower left part of Internet Explorer (e.g. version 7.0). When I click on this icon a popup-box show some error information (I do not know if the error always is an javascript error or what to be called). The popup-box can not be resized and the text cannot be copied (e.g. for use in a error report). Does anyone knows how to retrieve the information so in can be copied and used elsewhere? Maybe someone has developed a tool to do that.

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Why not just take a screenshot? Push Print Screen, open an email, or Word Doc, and press Ctrl-V to paste the screenshot.

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Since the popup-box is not possible resize you cannot only take one screenshot, but need to scroll and take one more screenshot an so on. It is annoying. I have tried this many times and that is why I'm looking for this tool/solution. – user25313 Jan 19 '10 at 15:05
As mentioned in the question it is annoying to take a screenshot, scroll a bit and yet another screenshot, etc.. so all errortext can be seen in x mumbers of screenshots... much more easier if it was possible just to copy text. Furthermore screepcapture tools cannot capture this scrolling window... why, I do not know. – user25313 Jan 20 '10 at 20:27

Doesn't Ctrl+C work? I know on some dialogs you can do this to get a text representation of the information, but I don't have IE 7 installed to verify whether it works with that particular dialog.

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No Ctrl+C does also reflected in the context menu. – user25313 Jan 20 '10 at 20:24

Try SysExporter It's a really useful utility for capturing text from various locations where text can't usually be copied.

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