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Does anyone have an idea how to change (or add colors to) the default color palette in MS Word (2003)? I want to add the company colors in it, for ease of use.

alt text

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The bad news first:

There is no way to change the default palettes in word.

But all is not lost, you can create a macro that will put your color on highlighted text. The steps are below:

Go to Tools > Macro > Record New Macro

If you want it to be available to all documents use the current settings and type in a name that will remind you of what color it is.

Click OK.

Go to Format > Font and then select Font Color then More colors... (Meer kleuren... :) and Custom. Type in the RGB values of the color and click OK, then OK again and then click on the Stop button that is showing on the Macro toolbar.

Highlight the text you want to change the color of and go to Tools > Macro > Macros and select your macro and click Run. The text will change to that color.

You can assign the macros you create to either a new toolbar or existing toolbars or give them keyboard shortcuts.

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