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I have a DVB-T capture card and would like to capture the packets from the MPEG stream it receives so i can analyse them just for a bit of fun and learning

I've googled and found a lot of converters and software to capture the video from these streams but very little in the area of capturing raw data from a stream.

What software exists that can capture and dump the MPEG stream from a tuner?

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You can use ProgDVB to capture

Then use one of these 2 to demux and analyse the streams (not done this for some time but these are the 2 that I used to use):



Project-X (Prebuilt binary available on VideoHelp)

Also, more tools available here: VideoHelp

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I am not 100% sure, but I think that EyeTV from Elgato records raw streams on Mac.

The PC equivalent is TerraTec Home Cinema.

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