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I have the aforementioned keyboard, and occasionally the "Func" key will get unpressed. It gets especially annoying when I try to rename a file, and start winword by accident, or try to refresh a page, and nothing happens (It's the undo - no effect inside a browser usually).
I know I can rebind those keys to just do nothing, but I just wanted to know why does the func mode changes by itself? Can it be something with power management/screen saver?

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I have a Logitech keyboard almost identical to this and had the same problem. Here's what Logitech says:

When you are using a corded iTouch keyboard, the F-Lock function will always be on when you boot your computer. There is no way to change how this feature works; however, you can work around this feature using the Transparent Pass-Through key assignment. By programming a function key to Transparent Pass-Through, the Enhanced function is bypassed and the function keys will perform their normal purpose even though the F-lock key is still on.


If you are using a cordless keyboard, the F-Lock feature will be in whatever state it was prior to shutting down Windows. This means if the F-Lock feature was on when you shut down Windows, it will be on when you reboot and if it was off when you shut down, it will be off when you reboot.

Luckily, mine is cordless.

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ok.. this sounds like a better solution. I will look into this "Transparent Pass-Through" feature (I have corded). Thanks. – Noam Gal Aug 4 '09 at 5:56

Check out my answer for How to disable and reassign the caps lock key?:

Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows XP / Vista is an awesome guide on how to remap the caps lock (or any other) button.

It is always giving it a shot to see if you can remap the 'func' key on your keyboard to another 'harmless' button (such as print screen, perhaps).

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Got the software at home. Will check tonight if it recognizes the fun key. Thanks. – Noam Gal Jul 21 '09 at 8:34

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