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I have two monitors. I'm looking for software that performs the following:

  • Press a key combination (e.g. Alt + A) and the active window is moved and resized such that it takes up all available space on the left-hand monitor
  • Press a key combination (e.g. Alt + S) and the active window is moved and resized such that it takes up all available space on the right-hand monitor

The software must be free.

EDIT I'm using Windows XP.

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If you have Windows 7, you can use The Windows Key and the Arrow Keys to do this. Win-L and Win-R to move the window, Win-Up to maximize it.

If not, check out DisplayFusion, or Autohotkey.

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DisplayFusion works nicely – Dónal Jan 19 '10 at 23:04

As Phoshi mentioned, you could do this with AutoHotkey if you don't have Windows 7. In fact, someone has already made a similar script for managing windows on multiple monitors called WindowPad!


Use a pad concept to arrange windows. Use the Numpad or your own custom layout to move and resize a window to fill the appropriate section of the screen.

Though the concept is based on HiRes Screen Splitter by JOnGliko, I wrote WindowPad from scratch to add some features. Those features are:

  • Multiple-monitor support. It should work with any number of monitors in any setup.
  • Unresizable windows are positioned correctly.
  • Windows that aren't supposed to be resizable (i.e. calc) are not resized.

here are the current hotkeys:

; WindowPad:
;   Move and resize windows with Win+Numpad.
;     Win+Numpad1 = Fill bottom-left quarter of screen
;     Win+Numpad2 = Fill bottom half of screen
;     etc.
;   Move windows across monitors. For example:
;     Win+Numpad4 places the window on the left half of the screen.
;     Win+Numpad4 again moves it to the monitor to the right.
;   Quick monitor switch:
;     Win+Numpad5 places the window in the center of the screen.
;     Win+Numpad5 again moves the window to the next monitor.
;     (This works by monitor number, not necessarily left to right.)
;   QUICKER Monitor Switch:
;     Win+NumpadDot switches to the next monitor (1->2->3->1 etc.)
;     Win+NumpadDiv moves ALL windows to monitor 2.
;     Win+NumpadMult moves ALL windows to monitor 1.
;   Other shortcuts:
;     Win+Numpad0 toggles maximize.
;     Insert (or some other key) can be used in place of "Win".

Of course, you can modify the code to your liking.

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The best software out there for this IMO is Ultramon.

EDIT: Sorry, just read it has to be free.

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