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When you download software from msdn, in my case windows 7, how can I confirm that the download completed and is not corrupted?

I have tried downloading 2-3 times now, and the installation always screws up in the middle.

I downloaded a 64-bit version of windows 7 that works fine. I now wanted to put w7 on my older computer, and its 32bit, and the install always failed. (installing the 64-bit on the same computer worked fine).

It would be great if I can at least confirm/validate that the file I downloaded was in good form.

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The msdn site (at least the one I have access to) publishes sha-1 sums of the disk .iso files. (Reveal it by clicking the details button). Get a sha-1 checksumming program and run that on your down loaded file. I use sha1sum in my cygwin window. There are others.

Now you know the disk image is good. Then set your image burning software (nero, roxio, whatever) to verify and you should producing good disks every time.

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