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Is there a way to export shapes (included vector clipart) that are preinstalled with MS Visio?

Copy/paste only copies them as bitmaps, without preserving the transparency. I also tried to export the entire drawing to EMF, WMF and several other formats, but my other app (Corel Paint Shop Pro) was unable to read them (showing only a blank page).

Did you have similar problems? I would appreciate if I could get the vector format somehow, or at least a transparent PNG.

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  1. Right click the stencil heading of the stencil that contains the shape you want (e.g. Blocks).
  2. Click Edit Stencil.
  3. Right click the shape.
  4. Click Edit Master > Edit Master Shape.
  5. Click File > Save As and pick SVG or whatever.
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+1 Thanks! Actually, all Edit stencil menu items were disabled in my document (Visio 2007), as well as Edit master menu items. I had to open the Document stencil (File -> Shapes -> Show document stencil), and then edit those shapes which are present in the file. Not sure why it was disabled, but you gave me the answer! –  Groo Jan 20 '10 at 18:37

I have had success exporting libraries as a stencil and then importing those stencils into another program that supports stencils. If you are looking for a transparent png you can use Lucidchart.

Import visio stencil, open up new document, drag out the shapes you need. Once you have what you want.

File > download as > transparent PNG (you also have the option to select what part of the document you want of document you want to export.

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