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I have four .zip files in a directory.

Vista Explorer displays them and gives me the columns:

  • Date taken (???)
  • Tags
  • Size
  • Rating

I want, however:

  • Date last modified
  • Size

I know I can right-click the headers and change this but I have to do this every time and it gets tedious. How can I tell Windows vista explorer "always for every kind of file in any directory, just show me Date-last-modified and Size and also automatically show the full file name so I don't always have to expand it to see the full names of my files"

alt text

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This is the top answer to the Windows Annoyances question. – pgs Jul 21 '09 at 6:17
Vista looks at the files and thinks, "Good compression, will zip again. A++++!" – random Jul 21 '09 at 6:36
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What you are looking for is "Folder Templates". It appears that folder is using a "Pictures and Videos" template, but this can easily be changed.

  • Right click the folder you wish to change
  • Choose Properties -> "Customize" tab
  • Choose a template from the drop down list, you will probably want "All Items" template.
  • Apply & OK.
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While this works for the folder in question, it certainly does not prevent my Vista from defaulting to "Pictures and Videos" in virtually any folder that I create. Gets a bit annoying to do this in the long run... – Fredrik Mörk Jul 21 '09 at 7:15

A problem I often encountered is that even after resetting a folder to "All Items", it tends to revert back to a different template occasionaly. It annoyed the hell out of me.
A solution can be found here - regedit, so be careful to back it up.

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Another tip.

To get each column to size to fit the contents, press Control-+ on the num pad (you have to use the plus sign on the num pad).

In Windows 7 if you right click on the column header there are two options to resize all columns to fit or just a single column.

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cool feature. thanks. – Noam Gal Jul 21 '09 at 8:03

If you go to your "documents" folder. Right click - property - customise - tick "apply to all subfolders"

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