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How to get all the attributes in mp3 file including author, title, mp3 tags, etc, in terminal

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I use the mp3info command. On Ubuntu, install by sudo apt-get install mp3info. Home page:

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ya can i get the information of the remote mp3 file – Ramesh Jan 20 '10 at 12:38
You first have to download the file (use wget, for instance) – codeape Jan 20 '10 at 13:02
or ssh, if you can login to the remote system: ssh -c 'mp3info /path/to/foo.mp3' user@host ... naturally the remote system will need a copy of the mp3info program. – quack quixote Jan 20 '10 at 16:00

There are several tools to do this, e.g. id3ed

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You can simply use id3info that comes with libid3.

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Many of the mp3-specific tools mentioned elsewhere are good options. However, I'd like to suggest exiftool, which will handle all sorts of file types. Very detailed, and it supports printf-style format strings, which are always handy when needing exact output formats for scripting.

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Check out eyeD3

eyeD3 is a Python program and module that provides the ability to read and write ID3 tags (v1.x and v2.3/v2.4). It also decodes MP3 headers (bit rate, sample frequency, play time, etc.).

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