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I got really excited when I realized that there is finally a GOOD windows installer for couchdb. But I'm not excited that the server doesn't run as a service. You are provided with a .bat file that starts up the couch server, but it requires the terminal stay open.

If I have to, I will just write a windows service that executes the commands in the .bat file, but I would like to know if there is any way to just hide the terminal or run as a background job like you can in Linux.

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Caveat: I haven't any first-hand experience with Windows 7.

Does the srvany utility run under Windows 7? I've used it to create services for programs that aren't installed as a service. You could supply the couchdb command-line from the couchdb.bat file as the service path, giving it the command-line parameters that you expect the service to use.

EDIT: I converted the Windows Write-based documentation to PDF and made it available here, if you would like to see the full guide for srvany's usage. I'm pretty sure this will do what you need, if it's available to you.

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Try another batch file!

Start /B baseball.bat should start the batch file in the background.

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