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I have a very basic script, that looks something like

myProg -i INFILE >%TEMP%\INFILE.tmp
mySecProg -i %TEMP%\INFILE.tmp -o OUTFILE

How do I add this script to my contextmenu, such that the 'INFILE' is the file I've rightclicked, and how do make sure the OUTFILE will be in the dirname of the 'INFILE.

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You can add items for a specific file type by selecting Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> Advanced and adding a new action.

If I look at the "open" entry for a .txt file I see "C:\WINDOWS\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1"; the "%1" passes the name of the file into the program script and can be accessed in your script by using the "%1" variable name rather than "INFILE". You would then have to do a wee bit of string manipulation to create your OUTFILE name - I seem to remember looking for the last "\" and deleting from that point in the past.

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