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I have a brand new HP p6230y. My first step after booting it up was to install Master Collection. It installs fine, but when I go to run each of the applications, and they all behave differently. I have re-installed twice already.

Photoshop opens, but freezes. Acrobat tells me that I need to reinstall. Nothing else even opens (no freezing, no process in taskman).

Any Ideas?

HP p6230y

  • RAM: 8gigs
  • CPU: AMD Phenom2 x4 810 (2.6ghz)
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Ultimate 64bit
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Tried XP mode? (I know, I know, less RAM in virtualized OS's)

Try using "running as" as an older version of windows. (Right click> properties)

Remember, these programs are only certified for 32-bit OS's.

Also, before reinstalling, uninstall completely and clear the temporary files and low-level licensing files.

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Trying it now, hopefully I can give you 10 points when this works :). – Jeremy Boyd Jan 21 '10 at 19:33

Did you update the programs after installation?

There are several hundred megabytes of updates for CS3. After a round of updates, reboot, and then check for updates again. Repeat this process until all updates are installed.

I have CS3 Design Premium on Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) and it seems to be running flawlessly since November - But, I'm missing a lot of what's in the Master Collection.

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You may want to see this question:

Additionally CS3 uses your graphics card to perform functions, might be worth ensuring you have the latest drivers in-case some sort of start-up check is causing the issue

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