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I use winrar for extracting the files. BUt i find one thing very annoying e,g i double click on the acthive to view the contents

then if i want to copy one file on desktop i can't do that.

there is no right click copy option in the menu.

There is extract option but then i have to choose the path and thats time consuming.

Is there any way around

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You can always drag-and-drop the file to wherever you want it.

Is that not enough?

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thanks buddy , i didn't thought about drag and drop – Mirage Jan 21 '10 at 23:40

I'd recommend checking out 7-Zip. It's free, and does most archive types. I just double-checked, and I can drag one file out of a RAR to my desktop, and there is a right-click->Copy To... option as well.

I'm kind of surprised WinRAR doesn't let you do it, but WinRAR is a little dated these days (IMO - I used to use it).

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