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Is there any other software to put mp3 on iphone. I need to connect iphone to several computer but evrytime it says that if you syc you data will be erased.

I only want to add music nothing else.

What should i do

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You can add music with iTunes without syncing:

  • In the Library list in the left-hand column click on Music
  • On the right hand side, go to the music you added to the iTunes Library that you want on your iPhone
  • Drag the album or song onto your iPhone listing under Devices in the left-hand column
  • Wait for the iPod Sync is complete message (even though you haven't used Sync)
  • Click on Eject iPod and wait for the do not disconnect message
  • Disconnect the cable and you're new song or album should be added.
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One way to fix this problem is to set up iTunes on each computer so that you can sync with all of them.

How To Sync Your iPhone To Multiple Computers

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