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I know you can add custom Document Properties in Excel 2007.

But I thought there was a way to pull a value from a cell as a custom metadata property without code. Maybe I'm searching for it with the wrong terminology. Maybe it has to be done as a Named Range. I know this can be done. Anyone know how?

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Here is a detailed explanation about how I got around this:

In Excel:

  1. Select a cell to be the exported metadata property
  2. Change the cell’s Name Box (found to the left of the formula bar) to a name you can reference later (this value does not have to match any column in the SharePoint library)
  3. Go to File > Info > Properties > Advanced Properties > Custom
  4. Check the box Link to content and the cell that you named should appear as the Source
  5. Fill in the Name box to a value that will match a column name in a SharePoint library where the excel file will be published

In SharePoint:

  1. Create a column in a document library that will match the property name created in the Custom tab (make sure to specify if the imported cell value will be text/number/etc.)
  2. Upload document (the actual document needs to be closed)
  3. There should be an extra column containing the cell value
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I just used the Named Range for the value on the new metadata type. Then I made sure the same field was in the Sharepoint Library I was publishing to. Hope this helps!

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