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On the Mac, Flash Player is not GPU accelerated. On top of that it is horribly inefficient. This means that if I open 5 tabs with Flash video things slow down like crazy.

Is there a way to stream Flash video into something that is not Flash Player and preferably hardware accelarated? I believe that VLC can play streaming video. Can you make it play Flash video?

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Sure. I opened a random youtube video, then extracted FLV download link with this greasemonkey script, and fed it to VLC using Media -> Open Network Stream menu item (or Ctrl+N). There is only one drawback: VLC does not show what part of video is already downloaded like standard player does by graying out progressbar.

Also if you have VLC integration in your browser you can try this greasemonkey script that will replace all YouTube (sorry, found only for it) flash players with corresponding embedded VLC (or any other native player).

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