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My Compaq CQ50-215CA laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate RC 32-bit recently told me to replace my battery for fear of sudden shutdowns. Is there any good diagnostics software that anyone has used to test for battery condition and max. life? Also what are good practices for keeping maximal battery life?


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you can use batteryinfoview (freeware)… – Aravinda Jun 8 '15 at 4:44
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Thanks! I'm surprised how much my battery has worn after a year already. :P – Wesley Jan 23 '10 at 20:36
very good. it shows hdd and cpu temperatures, and warns about "real" time to discharge when battery, for example, discharges with 70% of load. – kokbira May 17 '11 at 23:27
Some people say, that BatteryUniversity is not 100% reliable source of information. – Kamil Sep 26 '14 at 20:37

You may be able to use HP's Battery Check:

Not all models of this notebook series are supported. To determine if you model is support, download the HP Battery Check from the following address and install the Battery Check ( HP Battery Check (SP41862) File Download ). A message will be displayed if your system is not supported.

If not, check out Imtec Battery Mark:

  • Produces test in two modes (fast and normal) with two variants of play on hardware load subsystem notebook: full load, or without it.
  • At the time of testing construct a detailed schedule of changes in the level of battery power. After testing all the data stored in a log file for later viewing and / or analysis.
  • The program fully supports multi-and multicore processors, which allows to reproduce the maximum possible load on the processor system to test a laptop in extreme conditions.
  • After the testing, the total assessment system power notebooks, calculated by a unique algorithm, taking into account not only the time of the battery, and laptop performance during testing.

or BatteryMon:

  • Graphically see the charge / discharge rate
  • Diagnose problem battery cells with detailed statistics
  • Compare and measure your batteries' performance with expected
    discharge rates
  • See the critical discharge point for your batteries
  • Uniquely identify battery packs for tracking purposes or system
  • Log the performance of a battery for later reference
  • See the status of each individual battery pack, when multiple batteries are in use
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batterymon is shareware – kokbira May 17 '11 at 23:10

I love BattStat, free and powerful

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powerful, but does not show numeric info in tray... – kokbira May 17 '11 at 23:12

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