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I have a Tom Tom ONE Classic.

When I connect it to the computer I get a message "Do you want to connect it to the computer", I answer yes, then nothing appears to happen.

While it is connected I cannot use the GPS.

When I disconnect I get the message "writing route information".

Is this expected functionality. I had hoped for some UI on the computer to be able to see what routes had been updated etc and be able to use the GPS while it is charging.

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Do you have the [TomTom HOME]( software installed? – MSalters Jul 5 '11 at 11:19
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AFAIK, when you connect a Tom Tom to a computer, that is when you can do maintenance operations to it, such as updating maps, changing voices, transfering files, etc. Because of that, it can't be used as a GPS. If you want to use it while it's charging, you should be using the power adaper that plugs into the 12v outlet (cigarette lighter)

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