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The 1 TB WD scorpio blue drive is a little bit thicker than ordinary 2.5" drives - does it fit inside the 2009 unibody macbook pro 13"?

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Unfortunately no, that thing is a beast of a drive!

The scorpio is 12.5mm and has 3 platters inside, the unibody Macbook has a 9.5mm bay. I believe the 17" MacBook Pro can, but not the unibody models.

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It Fits in a 15" Unibody!!! I've done it. I'm running a scorpion blue in my 15" 2.6Mhz macbook pro unibody (all aluminum). I was nervous at first but once installed the HD cover fits. I've got 500GB of Snow Leopard and 500GB of Win7. Only wish they made a 7200K RPM model. 5400K works OK, but I love the snappy response of a 7200K.

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