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is it possible in thunderbird 3 to add new action for different types of attachments?

For instance, I receive a file with extension .xyz and I want to specify which program I need to use to open this file when I clicjh on the attachment


PD: I am jusing thunderbird 3 on mac os x

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While playing around I was surprised there is no way to add a new item via the gui. I did some digging tho and read through this. Which then gave me the idea that I tested and works. You can copy over your MimeTypes.rdf from firefox to thunderbird. Which gives you some basic items listed and as well a working example on how to add more.

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I ended up renaming the TB3 MimeTypes.rdf to .bak and then copied my old TB2 MimeTypes.rdf file to the TB3 directory. Works for all the files input before. I can edit any on the list, but it looks like I cannot add new ones.

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