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When I close a file after I have opened it using the edit command, my working directory changs to something funky. Here is what I did:

C:\Documents and Settings\josh> edit test.txt

  • I then type 'hello world' in file, save the file, and close. My working directory now looks like this:


Any ideas?


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I think this may belong on as it's not really programming related. When you ask your question there, you might want to add what version of windows you';re using (i.e., do you REALLY mean ms-dos as in WIndows 95/98, or Command in XP/Vista?). I'd suggest checking out Windows PowerShell. – Code Duck Jan 23 '10 at 20:55

Seems it's a bug: Running EDIT Tool Switches Directory Listing to 8.3 Format

To restore the long file name format directory listing, type cd \ or type cd.. back past the folder being displayed in 8.3 format.

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The EDIT command is not changing your directory, rather it's just displaying the same directory in 8.3 notation.

  • C:\Documents and Settings\ == C:\DOCUME~1\
  • C:\Program Files\ == C:\PROGRA~1\

It's nothing to be concerned about, it's just a holdover from the old days because EDIT.COM is an old 16-bit application.

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To be specific, runs in the 16-bit virtual machine, which is probably changing the working directory for that program's benefit. – Anonymous Jan 24 '10 at 16:55

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