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Preface: I like Vim... a lot


  • Remote editing capabilities
    • S/FTP or SSH
  • Text coloring

As you can see my requirements are specific but slim. I have been using TextWrangler on MacOSX and I love it. It's that remote editing feature that really does it for me.

This post is community-wiki, and if another topic that has an answer that meets my requirements exists, please kindly redirect me.

Thank you all very much!


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I just noticed you mentioned liking Vim: – Justin Smith Jan 24 '10 at 18:29
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Almost every programmer's editor worth using can do syntax coloring, this includes but is not limited to emacs, vim, kate, and gedit. Emacs and vim can edit remote files vie sftp or ssh. With sshfs, any editor can edit remote files via ssh / sftp. The choice pretty much comes down to learning curve vs. power, because the features you want are pretty ubiquitous.


I like jEdit personally. Portable, with lots of nice plugins.


I use gedit. It can edit any kind of remote files thanks to Gnome's GVFS. It has very good syntax highlighting. It's quick, simple, and you can get a lot of useful plugins for it.


I'm a fan of Geany - it's similar to Gedit, but centres more on being an IDE, than a text editor.
Also, it's very fast, and simple.


Well, if Vim doesn't do remote editing (I'll be very surprised if no Vim-lover tells us that it does) Emacs certainly does.

And they surely both do 'text coloring' though since you are no more specific than that, it's an open question whether they do the sort of text colouring that you want.

vim does do remote editing over SFTP - but it calls sftp for that, so a little slower than using sshfs or GNOME's gvfs beforehand. (Unless you mess with SSH's ControlPath.) – grawity Jan 24 '10 at 20:24

I use Netbeans. It's Java-based thus platform independent.

There's a few features going for it:

  1. Project creation wizard allows source to be imported from FTP (SFTP, SCP) and when a document in the project is saved, its saved locally and synced to the location you imported from!
  2. It supports JavaScript, PHP, RoR, Java, C++ (you got the picture)
  3. It's rock solid, very quick (big start time improvement in the latest version-6.8)

I strongly recommend it!


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