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How do I copy DVDs to a hard disk?

Ok, that does it! Just after Christmas the 7 year old brought me another DVD that looks like the kids broke into my toolbox and tried the sander on it. And I'm sooo sick of this! I really don't know how many Ice Age DVDs I have bought, but that franchise must be at the 14th sequel, at the very least!

Before grab a machine gun and storm the Sony and Disney head quarters, leaving dead bodies in my wake and orphaning my kids, I want to employ this old 1TB external disk to put copies of those movies on. How do I do this?

  • What software do I use to rip those DVDs?
  • What about copy protection?
  • What format should I pick? The kids love to watch the German versions of the movies, but sometimes I watch the English versions with the older ones. If we do, they like having the English subtitles for a reference.
  • Anything else I need to think about?