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My experience is that you should not give the different bands the same SSIDs unless you have two dual band routers and set each router with one particular channel for each band with the same name. Example below: router 1: 2.4ghz TwoFourG set to channel 1 5.0ghz FiveOh set to channel auto *if in complex put next to end of home and ...


Per the "new" FCC regs, the lower bands 36-48 seem also to allow high power in a Master Device, 250mw for a client. Not sure of the 1 watt benefit, if the client can't xmit at 1w. Source OPERATION IN UNII BANDS 802.11 CHANNEL PLAN (ยง15.407)


Unless you force your client device to choose a specific SSID, it will usually choose the one with the strongest received radio signal. So, if you use the same SSID for both 2.4G and 5G, more than likely the 2.4G radio, which has a longer range and passes through walls and floors better, will be the stronger signal. I set up separate SSIDs with names that ...

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