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Your use of DHCP is already the best way to assign address. It's not possible to use Active Directory in an of itself to assign IP addresses because a computer must have an IP address before it can communicate directly with AD. There's no way around the involvement of MAC addresses in dynamic IP address assignment. Until a computer has an IP address, it is ...


If you have DHCP on your network, set the new DNS IP as the DNS advertised by the DHCP. If you don't have DHCP, you're good for applying that setting manually on every of your computers. You can't use GPOs because computers need to find the DNS before they can use AD and download their GPOs. Generally, never ever apply dynamic IP on DNS or DC server ...


This is definitely not the default behavior as pointed here. In your case the domain admin is using third party script or tool which is achieving that behavior. You should investigate this further, by examining your gpo and the installed programs on your dc server.


I don't recall an account being locked when the user forgot to change the password before the deadline (I know this happens a lot in hardened Linux servers though). In case it really did happen, assuming you have domain administrator access, you can: Login your domain controller as domain admin Open up "Active Directory Users and Computers" Go to "Users" ...

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