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Assuming you have admin rights on the stations and have the relevant ports open and the relevant services configured properly you can use one of this options: Using GPO to deploy a script that add that route. That, of course, will apply only after rebooting. Using WinRM and Powershell you can run this commands remotely. That option require to configure ...


If you want to avoid adding the new user to a member of all the necessary groups, it's very simple to copy the AD object: Simply right click, and select Copy...


It is not possible that a domain account would become confused with a local account. It sounds to me like it has always been logged on through a local account if you've never seen the screen that displays "other user". You put in your domain credentials on the screen that comes after clicking "other user".


You may need to remove the profile. Open System from the Control Panel and select 'Advanced system settings' Click 'Settings...' under the User Profiles section Select the Domain profile (domain\user, not hostname\user), and click Delete


You can decrypt a drive locked using BitLocker and the TPM by using your Bitlocker recovery key. You'd typically put the recovery key on a USB flash drive and then use it when unlocking the encrypted drive. Just click on 'Get the key from a USB flash drive' during the unlock process.


It sounds like the Windows 7 machine isnt joined to the domain. Being on the same network isnt the same as being a part of the domain. Here are some directions to follow to join the domain. You may need to talk your Windows administrator for help and/or permission.

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