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A perfect match would be if the input and output matched for both current (measured as amperage, and abbreviated as A) and voltage (V). As others have alluded to, multiplying the two results in a measure of power, or wattage (W). In this case, since the second charger mentioned has a slightly higher voltage, and lower amperage, the total wattage is lower. ...


I don't think it will be enough. As you can see, the original router has an output of 19V - 9.5 A (so 180.5W). The new one has an output of 19.5V -7.7A (so 150.15W). The new one isn't capable of delivering as much as energy, so the computer might not be able to function properly. Additionnally, 19.5V is slightly more than 19V so it might damage the computer ...

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