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By holding CTRL + SHIFT whilst pressing Enter, it opens as an administrator. Seems you can also hold CTRL + SHIFT + Left Click a CMD window on the taskbar (probably other applications too) to open a new one as an administrator also. Confirmed working in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


For Windows 8.1 and 10 English, to open an Adminstrator command prompt using the keyboard use Windows Key + X followed by A For other languages, the appropriate key to use will be indicated by an underline in the pop-out menu.


Ctrl+Shift+Enter is convenient, but if you prefer Linux-like environment, you can save this script as sudo.cmd somewhere in your PATH: @echo Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") > %temp%\sudo.tmp.vbs @echo args = Right("%*", (Len("%*") - Len("%1"))) >> %temp%\sudo.tmp.vbs @echo objShell.ShellExecute "%1", args, "", "runas" >> ...


Yes, this is kind of tricky. I had the same issue last week. Simple google search will help you with answer. Step 1 Navigate to your local security policy on your Windows 10 workstation – You can do this by typing secpol.msc at a search/run/command prompt. Under Local Policies/Security Options navigate to “User Account Control Admin Approval Mode ...


If you find yourself opening administrative command prompts all the time, you can create a shortcut on the taskbar: Find Command Prompt in the search results. (Searching for cmd works.) Right-click it and choose Pin to taskbar. Open the taskbar shortcut's properties by right-clicking the icon, then right-clicking the Command Prompt entry that appears and ...


If your keyboard has the menu key, you can use that instead of right click. This is not as convenient as some of the other options in this case, but it's also more general.


Add the --no-sandbox switch to Chrome runas /user:test /profile "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\A pplication\chrome.exe --no-sandbox" ! This will defeat the purpose of running Chrome with restricted account You can also try to install Chrome for All users at install time.. install Chrome for the specific account you want to use first...


I'm assuming that "fast" in the original question refers to speed of use, and the time investment to set this up is not a concern. If this is true, The following will certainly lead to a fast startup since it elevates without needing to deal with the UAC prompt. To provide a ...


Two things I'm seeing here that could cause this: 1. You are not part of the administrators group or you do not have administrator permissions on the box. 2. You need to run command prompt from an elevated permission level. Also, as Eugen said in the comments, make sure you're using the right slashes in your commands. Easiest way to check if you are an ...

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