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What do you need is to enable Backup and Restore privileges, granted by default to the Administrators group. One way to do that is to use this PowerShell script: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Process Import-Module .\Set-LHSTokenPrivilege.ps1 Set-LHSTokenPrivilege SeBackupPrivilege Set-LHSTokenPrivilege SeRestorePrivilege With Backup and Restore ...


convert an Administrator account into a standard/local user in windows via command line Remove the user from the Local Administrators group. Net localgroup Administrators <UserName> /delete should accomplish that.


You can't. Even being SYSTEM you can't access files or other objects if you don't have permissions to do so. But being root you can change permissions and only then access files\objects. The typical case for this is the Windows system files on modern Windows versions (Vista and higher): most of them belong to the TrustedInstaller user, and no one other ...


Domain administrators are automatically granted Administrator access to all machines in the domain, without having to manage it at each server. Domain Administrators have local-admin equivalent access on each machine, but local Administrators don't have admin access to domain-level administrator resources. That's the main point and the difference -- ...

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