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I noticed that there were lots of good suggestions for how to fix this printing issue, but I thought it might be interesting and useful to post an explanation of the underlying cause. It appears that these PDF misprints are due to a character encoding problem. All the ASCII characters are showing up as 1 higher than they should be (see ASCII character ...


Solution to my specific problem: Per @Ouroborus answer.... I didn't have Google Desktop installed, so that wasn't it Deleted all sub-folders under C:\WINDOWS\Temp When the file downloaded, I chose Open, and right clicked, to "Run as Administrator" (per @Burgi) Sounds like it was either #2 or #3 that solved it. Or a combination of both.

1 : open source, cross-platform tool that allows to rotate, split, merge and otherwise manipulate PDF documents. This is a must-have tool, in my opinion, if you are doing things like insurance claims, or other document handling tasks. I used this because the other solutions (above) didn't work for me in my firewall-limited environment (we're ...

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