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You could use python psdtools package for this: from __future__ import print_function from psd_tools import PSDImage psd = PSDImage.load('my_image.psd') print("file has {} layers".format(len(psd.layers)))


Try "Batch-Process" in Photoshop: Do one of the following: Choose File > Automate > Batch (Photoshop) Choose Tools > Photoshop > Batch (Bridge) Specify the action you want to use to process files from the Set and Action pop-up menus. The menus display actions available in the Actions panel. You may need to choose a different set or load a set in the panel ...


This happened to me too. I found out that when creating a new image after I selected the width, height and resolution I had the color mode CYMK selected. When using the color picker, I was changing the colors using RGB buttons. I noticed the colors were off. Finally went back to create image and changed the mode CMYK to RGB then went to color picker and ...


Just a thought: If you're on a Mac, the Finder's file info (cmd-i) might be helpful, as it lists all names of the layers without even opening the file . You could copy this into a text editor with line numbering and replace all commas with linefeeds. The line numbering would reveal the number of layers (I havn't tested what happens with commas in layer ...

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