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If this a wireless DSL modem, part of the question seems to beg for an answer. the user said "You just don't want to go back to the basement to again reset in the middle of an interesting Youtube." Now, if this guy keeps a wireless DSL modem in the basement, and watches Youtube in the attic, you might expect problems right there, as the signal has to get ...


PPPoE clients use PPPoE Active Discovery to discover PPPoE Access Concentrators (servers) on the network. The first packet the client transmits is a PPPoE Active Discovery Initiation (PADI) which is sent to the Ethernet broadcast address (all ones in binary, all f's in hex: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff). And PPPoE ACs on the network respond with PADO's (Offers). The ...


It sends to ff:ff:ff:ff::ff:ff which is the "broadcast" mac address. If you receive a frame with this destination don't drop it. It's for you!

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