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As others have said, this may be dependent on your ISP, however there may well be things you can do to improve performance. First off, the RX:12287/TX:1021 are not the speed which your ISP sends to your router, it is the speed with which the DSL modem inside your router syncs with the equipment on the other end and is a function of the distance from the ...


Two choices: Ask your ISP for more bandwidth. Ask a different ISP and if they offer what you want, switch to the new ISP. Be prepared to pay more in either case, though you can sometimes be pleasantly surprised.


Sorry, but no. DSL and ADSL use frequencies to carry the data which are above the frequencies which ordinary phone lines will carry. Special conditioned lines without load coils must be used, and those lines, when they reach the Central Office, are hardwired to strip off the frequencies used for data and do not allow that data to connect to the Public ...


One ISP could be blocking p2p traffic while the other isn't. That would be my guess. A second possibility is that the modem/router/firewall could be preventing that type of traffic. As it sounds like it may be legally questionable I don't think calling your girlfriend's ISP is going to get you much luck and may end up causing issues for her continuing her ...

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