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MTU and Windows and Defaults: Windows default MTU is 1500, or 576 for external networks. 1500 is OK unless you are running PPPoE, want to use IPSec (Secure VPN's) or both, then it's too big. 576 is too small, and inefficient for broadband Internet! Procedure to find optimal MTU: If your MTU is currently set too low, for example 576, the following procedure ...


Old question, but may as well answer it. Anecdotally line bonding never seemed all that successful, we never bothered with it much. The line attenuation downstream is 19.8 dB while upstream is 7.6 dB. Can VDSL viabiity of 10 down/5 up be inferred from these numbers? We can get an idea, but will need some more background to be sure. ~20dB dAtten on ...


Not sure if it works for Tomato, but give it a try :-) #tc qdisc add dev eth0 root fq_codel


"Intrinsic/Actual" refers to "the ratio of total bandwidth to maximum bandwidth." It is the right-hand value under Kbit from "Total Available Bandwidth" divided by the right hand value on the "Intrinsic/Actual and Maximum Bandwidth" line. I verified this on a calculator, and it comes out to 58.5% downstream and 58.3% upstream, so the output rounds down. ...

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