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I cannot comment due to lack of reps.. Though, adding to user Xyon's answer, instead of restart, you can try IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS to clear any IP address mappings already in the cache. You may need to do this a few times to clear the cache. Hope this helps.


I think your problem is completely IdImager related. It's catalogs must be storing the volume label and you need to update them, which shouldn't be a difficult process using IdImager. From: http://forum.idimager.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=14164 Go to Catalog Folders, select the top level folder (that can be the drive ID), right click and select ...


If SQL Server 2005 checks the volume label, there is no way to hide the fact that the label has changed, so you need to change the way that the pictures are stored in the database. The only way I can think of to change "New Volume" to "2nd System Drive" in the database, is to reimport the pictures, in the spirit of the following : Change the volume name ...


Rather than aliasing the drive, you might try using a powershell command to alias, rename, or move all the files. I would suggest moving or renaming over aliasing. For renaming the files the cmdlet is Rename-Item or ren Rename-Item *.html *.txt 'This renames all files ending with .html to end with .txt For moving the files the cmdlet is Move-Item or ...

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