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I found a solution that works for me, based on another partial solution (unfortunately, I cannot recall where I found that so cannot give due credit). First, locate the IE "Window Switcher" shortcut on your PC (This is a shortcut or .LNK file): C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Window Switcher and copy it to a directory ...


The Task Manager "Applications" tab should list window titles. You can look for the blank one and right click on it => "Go To Process" Alternatively, you can download Process Explorer and use the crosshair button ("Find Window's Process"):


From marco's Github page: - Global keybinding defaults include: Alt-Tab forward cycle window focus Alt-Shift-Tab backward cycle focus Alt-Ctrl-Tab forward cycle focus among panels Alt-Ctrl-Shift-Tab backward cycle focus among panels Alt-Escape cycle window focus without a popup thingy ...

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