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can someone please help me understand why when i delete the 'delete marker' the object does not return immediately to the bucket ( i need to Reenter to S3 service then to the bucket and then to delete it again) just with this action it's working?!


You need to do the following: Go to IAM -> Policies -> Create Policy Select Policy Generator Select: Effect (Allow). AWS Service: Amazon S3 Actions: GetObject Amazon Resource Name (ARN): arn:aws:s3:::YOUR_BUCKET_NAME/* Click Next then Create Policy. Copy the policy document (JSON) to your clipboard Then you need to apply the policy to your bucket as ...


Ok so I realised what was going on here. The default home directory size for AWS is less than 8-10GB regardless of the size of your instance. As this as trying to upload to home then there was not enough room. An experienced linux user would not have fallen into this trap, but hopefully any other windows users new to this who come across this problem will ...

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