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Download manually from any connected computer, then copy over by local network, USB stick etc Official Driver download page - Latest drivers for cards old & new are listed down the right-hand side.


This videocard is limited to only show a max of 3 outputs at the same time. This really is a limitation of the Graphics Card. If you want more monitors, you will need a second graphics card or replace the card altogether with one that supports it. If your PC has an onboard graphics card, it may be possible to use it to get that 4th display running though. ...


Got it! I'll leave this here for anyone else with this issue. The crux of it was DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), but these were my exact steps: (Boot into safe mode first) Not sure if this helped or not, but as @Ramhound suggested (also in my edit) I deleted the contents of the AMD and ATI folder in both local and roaming inside %appdata%. I ran AMD's ...

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